Money management is not something that every kid learns in school. So, parents can help by teaching their children how to:
  • Identify goals.
  • Prepare a simple budget.
  • Make money.
  • Track their spending.
  • Save for the future with the magic of compound interest and investment returns.
  • Use their information safely online while watching for fraud. Visit our consumer protection page for more resources.
For some fun games and resources that help teach money management, visit FDIC's MoneySmart program.
When a child gets a little older, they may be earning money babysitting, doing lawn work, or starting their first job. With a checking account they can learn how to track their spending and savings with mobile banking. Get the tools you need to fit your busy lifestyle and complete your banking on the go

This is also a great time for parents not only to teach, but to demonstrate, good practices surrounding the safe use of their information online and how to watch for fraud. A joint checking account is an option which allows the parents to provide their child with more direct guidance and oversight for those teachable moments.


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