You can sign up for Internet Banking here. Once the application is submitted, a Universal Banker will contact you within one business day to provide login credentials.


Mobile Operating Systems
Apple (iOS): Effective September 2023 our mobile applications will no longer support iOS versions 15.0 and under.
Android: Effective November 1, 2022 our mobile applications will no longer support Android versions 8.0 and under.

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge will be supported at the latest version only. The Banno Digital Platform may deny access to older Microsoft Edge versions 60 days after a new version is released. The legacy version of Microsoft Edge now has an official end-of-life date from Microsoft. Click here to learn more.
Google Chrome: Chrome should automatically update and major updates are released approximately every 12 weeks. If Chrome is two versions older than the current stable channel version, the Banno Digital Platform may deny access.
Apple Safari: Each year Apple typically makes upgrades to Safari during the fall. Approximately 60 days after a new version is released, the Banno Digital Platform may deny older versions access. However, this change requires that the new Safari version is available on both MacOS and iOS devices.
Mozilla Firefox: Firefox should automatically update. if Firefox is two versions older than the current stable channel version, the Banno Digital Platform may deny it access.

We have a joint account at FSBT. Can our Internet Banking be joint as well?
In order to offer the best in password security, we do not allow our joint clients to share Internet Banking credentials. For your security and privacy we are happy to open separate Internet Banking accounts for each owner with their own credentials.

How would I know if my Internet Banking is locked?
It will give you a message that says it is locked. You can choose Forgot Password and follow the prompts to get in or call Client Services at 651.439.5195.

How do I reset my password for Internet Banking?
You can click on Forgot Password and follow the prompts or call Client Services at 651.439.5195.

What are the Internet Banking password requirements?
For First State Bank and Trust’s Internet Banking our minimum requirements for passwords are:
• Must be between 12 and 25 characters in length.
• Must contain at least 1 letter.
• Must contain at least 1 number.
• Must contain the following characters +_%@!$*~
• Cannot match or contain your Internet Banking username.
• Cannot match one of the previous 4 passwords.

For a stronger password, we recommend the following criteria:
• Length: a password with 12 or more characters is ideal.
• Randomness: a password with random characters is more difficult than using simple words and numbers ex: 7uWqMJbuvZuC!
• Passphrases: a string of words, rather than a single word used as a password
ex: AllSquaresAreRectanglesButTrianglesAre3Sided!
• Utilize a password management tool to create, safely store, and easily use your passwords on your computer.

Weak passwords often contain:
• Simple words such as “password”, “qwerty”, or very simple repetition such as “121212”
• Obvious information about you such as names, addresses, dates, and phone numbers.
• Single words with a simple number at the end, such as a single digit or year.

how do i change my address using internet banking?
To change your address, please go to Message and send a secure message to Client Services requesting to change your address. Include the new address and if you have a new phone number or email address. Please let us know if anyone else you have joint accounts with will need a change of address, or if their address should not be changed.

What else can the Message Center be used for?
Any time you have a question about your account or a transaction, you can reach Client Services by sending a secure message. We will respond within 2-3 hours during regular business hours Monday - Friday (8am - 4:30pm Central Time). If you leave a message outside of these hours, we will respond to you during business hours.


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