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Jessica Hycnar 

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Worker Preparation and Training

Workforce Resource Inc. (WRI) and the local Job Centers have access to hundreds of individuals from all skill levels who are looking for work opportunities. Whether these individuals are looking for immediate employment following a lay off or have just completed individualized job preparation, including combinations of assessments, career planning, and job readiness instruction, they are qualified and ready to work. WRI is also networked with local training providers including area Technical Colleges and Universities to offer valuable resources to assist you in addressing any short or long-term training needs you may identify for your current or emerging workforce. Contact us to find out about other services including On-the-Job Training and Work Experience to help fill your job openings.

Worker Retention and Advancement

WRI professional staff provide on-going follow-up, follow-through and necessary on-site services to assure that employees placed through its services continue to be successful. For those who may be eligible, post program support allows individuals to maintain employment. WRI monitors performance and assists with corrective actions that may be desired by the employer to minimize turn-over and the need to take on the expense of new recruitment for replacement workers.

About Workforce Resource, Inc.

Workforce Resource, Inc. (WRI) is a private non-profit corporation serving twenty-one counties in West Central and Northwest Wisconsin. Operating workforce development programs since 1983, WRI successfully manages the region’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program (WIOA) and West Central Wisconsin Job Centers. Since 2013 Workforce Resource has been the designated Wisconsin Works (W2) program operator and since 2015, the designated Food Share Employment and Training Program operator. In October 2017, WRI was designated the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) service provider.

To find out how WRI can help you, contact Jessica Hycnar at Ph: 877-711-9390 ext. 1014.





Founded in 1981, WBD (formerly Wisconsin Business Development) is a non-profit with a mission to grow businesses, create jobs and build communities. To accomplish this we provide financing for commercial real estate and equipment through a loan program called the 504 loan. Not just any sort of financing, but long-term (up to 25 years) fixed (will not change over the life of the loan) at great rates (loans funded in Sept 2019 – 3.46% for 25 years!).

The SBA 504 program benefits all three of the parties involved. The business gets a lower down payment and gets to fix up to 40% of their debt as a super low, long-term rate. The bank provides financing for 50% of the project, at terms they set, but is first in line to collect if something goes wrong, often helping them feel more comfortable in making the loan. WBD gets to make a loan to help fulfill its mission.

Here is what a 504 loan structure typically looks like:

The 504 loan program is often the best option for financing owner occupied real estate or equipment because:
  1. It usually lowers the required down payment to only 10%
  2. It provides a great fixed long term rate that is not usually available at a bank
  3. WBD is your (and your bank’s) SBA Sherpa. We guide you through the process, fill out all of the government forms, handle all of the interaction with the SBA and stick with you through the life of the loan as your advocate.

Since most businesses qualify for this program and WBD handles all of the scary “government” paperwork, neither you nor your bank should hesitate to look at the 504 option for your next business real estate or equipment purchase.

WBD is one of the nation’s top Certified Development Companies. We partner with hundreds of banks and businesses and secure over $100 million in financing each year for business across a wide spectrum of industries. We currently have a portfolio of over $700 million in active loans, making us the largest commercial lender you probably have never heard of!

So give WBD a call or ask your First State Bank and Trust commercial lender about the SBA 504 program, because knowing all of your options is smart business.

To learn more, including a 3 minute video that explains how we do all of this with No Tax Money, visit or call me, April Nelson, Vice President and Loan Officer, at 715-381-6719.





For many people, the holiday season is time to get together with family. They share meals, gifts, and take the time to catch up on what is happening in their lives. Amid the gift giving and merrymaking, take the time to consider your estate planning.

My clients constantly tell me how good it feels to complete their estate planning. In many cases, they have considered completing their plan for years, but have not gotten around to it. Completing your estate planning is not only a relief to you, but also a gift to your family. A good estate plan not only considers who will get your property, but may also save your loved ones a great deal of time and stress.

Your Property
For parents and grandparents, the holidays are a good opportunity to consider who they will leave property to. Many parents will leave property in equal shares to their children, but there may be good reasons to leave property in another way. For example, you may wish to leave an education fund for your grandchildren, or to set aside money for a grandchild with special needs.

Also, consider whether your children are capable of handling the property. When children are too young, bad with money, or where parents want to protect the property, parents can use trusts to leave property to their children.

The Small Stuff
While most people focus in on the large accounts, don’t forget about the small stuff. When you gather for the holidays, chances are the best part is just being together. I talk to parents and grandparents about incorporating a list of sentimental items into their plan. Did your grandchild always have their hand in the candy dish? Maybe that is a perfect gift for them. Leaving small sentimental items is a great way to make sure they know they were important to you.

Lifetime Gifting
The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals to make annual gifts of up to $15,000 per person. That means one parent can leave up to $15,000 to each of their kids, grandchildren, or other loved ones. A couple can double that amount, and leave up to $30,000 per person.
Many people will not choose to gift nearly that much. However, smaller amounts work too. One thing I discuss with clients is that it can be enjoyable to see the recipient get and use the gift. While it is more common to wait until death, making a gift can be very gratifying. For clients who can afford to make gifts, consider end of year gifting around the holidays.

Making your Wishes Known
This piece cannot be overstated. Your estate planning is about keeping personal autonomy. First, it means controlling your property and care for as long as you are able. It also means making your wishes known, and appointing people who will carry them out when you are no longer able to do so.

Consider an elderly person, who will soon need additional care. Planning and making their wishes known helps to ensure that your needs are met in the way they want. However, it also benefits your family. By planning, and putting into place important documents such as powers of attorney and health care directives, your children are given the tools they need to make decisions and provide care.

Whether you are creating your first estate plan, or want to improve the plan you have, take the time this holiday season to give it some thought. It is a gift to you and to your family.


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